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Welcome to 2005!. Okay, in truth it's a decade later than that; but these "personal" pages are not actively maintained and still reflect turn-of-the-millenium sensibilities.

Nowadays this site mainly serves as a) a pointer to my resume, and b) a repository for some old info which I can't delete because people still occasionally refer to it. So enjoy the bad design and ugly color choices, from back when the dot-com boom was going to last forever...

what a dashing fellow he is!
Here I am in my garden, standing in front of my PVC hoophouse.

The Road to Mac

I was a Windows user (and prior to that, DOS) from the late 1980s until roughly the Autumn of 2000; at which point I decided to look for something better - so I switched to Linux. But after working with Linux as my primary operating system for a few years, I got tired of getting frustrated. Don't get me wrong - most of the time I loved Linux (and still do, especially on servers). But it could still be so mind-achingly obscure at times, even for some surprisingly simple tasks. I'm reasonably savvy with Linux, and can figure out how to do most anything - but I got tired of having to do that on a regular basis.

Enter OS X.

I made the switch in late 2003; and I still love it. Thanks to OS X's BSD underbelly I can still count on Unix-level security and stability; but the real big deal about this operating system is that things just work. A well-designed, beautiful, and intuitive graphical interface; no drivers to install; no registry tweaks or DLL version conflicts; no DCOM vulnerabilities... and I still have access to all my nifty "Linux" command line tools when I want them. Life is good.

As I discover information about OS X that I believe others might find useful, I'll post it here.

Linux (and other computing) Information

While I'm no longer using Linux actively on my personal desktop, I'm keeping these archive pages available to everyone. There seems to still be a need for this information - at least if the "thank you" e-mail I get is any indication.

If you want to contact me, my e-mail address is

Odds 'n' Ends

The Westside Gardener
My gardening home, and the place where I put in most of my personal Web development time. Its main focus is on veggies, but there's lots more to see!

A photo tour of my time in Greenland
I was in central Greenland for part of summer from 1989-1992 as part of the Greenland Ice Sheet Project 2. Note that this tour includes almost 800KB in images!

UW Electrical Engineering
My day job. Most of the time it's a lot of fun, and the people there are great!

My Resume
This thing is more or less up-to-date, although it's a little bare-boned with respect to my current job. I should really put some more time into it sometime soon...

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